No matter what little thing annoys you or at least needs looking at, we offer all of the basic handyman services Ann Arbor area homes are most in need of.

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Many people are frustrated to find that a lot of companies have quite the attitude when it comes to making small repairs around the house. The handyman services Ann Arbor needs are our bread and butter, not a terrible waste of our precious time. More importantly, we know that little problems can turn into great big ones if they aren’t taken care of right away.

Little drips can permanently stain sinks or commodes. Left alone for even longer, they can destroy the floor. After than, they start working on the ceiling beneath the floor or on building up a big colony of mold or mildew in the basement. Nor is water free any more. A little drip can push you over the minimum service charge and start costing you big money on your monthly bill.

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A lamp that keep blowing out is not only annoying, but it can also be a harbinger of bigger problems than just needing to keep a big supply of bulbs in the closet. Is it the home wiring? Is it a frayed cord on the lamp? Is it a bad plug? You don’t know but all of those problems can lead to a serious fire in your home. 

Perhaps you finally got sick of that old worn-out garbage disposal or dishwasher. You might also have decided that mint green is no longer a fashionable color for your upstairs bathroom. New LED lighting in your closet might be a welcome improvement on winter mornings.

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The whole point of our operation is to solve your problems as they are now, not to wait until they become huge at some point in the future.



Even the loveliest color combinations can fade or fall out of fashion at time marches on. The same factors apply to the wall surfaces underneath as well. Even the best drywall finishing can bubble or crack over the years.

Redoing aged drywall is something that only the best craftsmen can do properly. The difficulty is in matching the texture preferences of someone else who did the job perhaps fifty years ago. Even if one wall is done beautifully, it will clash badly with three others that do not use the same finish and texture pattern. We are masters at making all four walls look the same once we are finished.

Even texture patterns can go out of style over time. Your once-adorable orange peel may now be quite outmoded. We can redo that pattern with something different, such as an enticing knockdown, and then lay a fresh coat of paint on top of that. This will wake up even the most tired of rooms.

Painting is of course a large part of the business for any handyman Ann Arbor MI residents may want to hire. The key is to know where the paint belongs, which is on the walls and ceilings. The furniture, the carpets, wood floors, and even pets are not generally on the list of things we paint even by accident.

We know how to tarp and tape rooms properly. We know how to handle a brush and roller so they don’t slop paint everywhere. We know which brands of paint are thicker and thus less likely to drip while being applied. We also know that the color originally selected does not always look quite right on the wall. This means we know how to make careful changes to the original color which will allow you to get the look you were really after. There is no need to settle for what’s in the can when we paint your house. If it isn’t right, we want to get it dialed in. After all, you have to look at it for many years to come so let’s be sure you’ll be happy with it from Day One.

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Everyone knows that this is where you need to put your money when it comes time to spruce things up. This can involve a lot of different aspects of construction. New countertops are a favorite upgrade, as are new or refaced kitchen and bathroom cabinetry.

This also means that new sinks, tubs, showers, and commodes are often part of the project as well. Repairs to the existing plumbing infrastructure are often necessary. Since the kitchen and bath are also the rooms most likely to suffer from long-term water damage, a certain amount of underlying rehabilitation may be in order as well.

In short, this is not always about just installing the new fixtures you want but also about making sure that they will be an enduring part of the home for many years to come. It is also a great time to think about adding new lighting or extra outlets to handle all of today’s many electrically-powered appliances. No matter what your needs maybe when it comes to redoing these important rooms, we have the knowledge and experience to make sure that the process is a pleasant one that doesn’t contain a lot of unwelcome surprises. 



Another part of the game is to have a handyman who is an experienced carpenter Ann Arbor homeowners can trust to tear out old walls safely and rebuild them to modern specifications. Many older homes have very small living spaces that need to be opened up. Closets that were one a place to hang winter coats and not much else now need to be supersized. Homes with one bathroom can be greatly enhanced by adding another one, both as a convenience and as a way of increasing the value of the house.

Maybe you’ve always wanted a nicer front door with side panels. It could be time for new windows in the living room. That dead empty cavern in the basement can be converted into real living space that greatly enhances the assessed value of the home when it comes time to sell or refinance. Even if you’d just like a fancier mantle for the fireplace or have some old trim that is now in need of replacement, we can make all of these things happen for you.

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Floors are also something we do as an Ann Arbor Handyman. No matter if you want new linoleum in the kitchen, new tile in the bathroom, or a dazzling new floor in the entryway made out of exquisite hardwood, we have been doing these kind of floor replacement projects for many years. We can also breathe new life into your old wood floors by re-sanding and refinishing them. Carpet repairs such as stitching or re-seaming is available, as is the more traditional methods of simply removing old carpets and laying down new.



A lot of the services we offer as a handyman Ann Arbor MI clients appreciate are not performed inside the house at all. We do all manner of maintenance and home improvements out in the yard as well. We can replace gutters and paint both the trim and color coat of your house. We can build fabulous new decks, and repair or replace creaky old fences that won’t keep the neighbor’s dog out.


Pruning trees and shrubbery is a service we often do, as well as installing and maintaining sprinkler systems. We can erect a new shed or other outbuilding. We can fix up that wreck of a one you already have in your yard so that it is both safe and attractive. If your roof is leaking or your chimney crumbling, then you need to call the handyman Ann Arbor locals have come to know as the one who can do anything and do it well.



The Ann Arbor Handyman has built our business on being the ones who can make all of your troubles disappear with a single phone call. Even if you are not sure what exactly you want or need to do in order to get your home into tiptop condition, it never hurts to call us. We have wide experience in all manner of maintenance and remodeling. We have seen all types of houses from the newest model homes to the most venerable Victorians.

We can help you decide what you want to do and then we can sit down with you and work out a highly agreeable price and timetable for delivery of the services you require from us. For anyone who needs a carpenter Ann Arbor checks with us first since we have the best price and a large list of satisfied customers to use as references. In fact, people who need almost anything done at all are happy to consult with us.

We didn’t get to where we are today by having poor customer service, doing shoddy work, or charging sky high prices to get the work done. Let us show you why we are the only name you need in the business. 

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