As an Ann Arbor handyman with years of experience, we have your back when it comes to large and small repairs.


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As the one stop handyman Ann Arbor has relied upon for many years, we appreciate the value of being accessible to both our potential and current customers. You can reach us online any hour of the day or night, and we WILL respond as soon as we see that you have contacted us.

You can also call us to discuss your project or arrange for an easy, convenient, and no-obligation estimate. We will be happy to schedule a meeting at a time that is most convenient for you, not at a time that is most convenient for us but a real imposition for you.

If you just have some preliminary questions or are looking for some kind of ballpark figure to see if having work done is within your budget, we are happy to speak with you. You are the customer. Without you, we are nothing and we never forget that.

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In these troubled times, we understand the hesitation that some people may feel about having strangers in their home. Were the situation reversed, we would also want any visitors to exercise extreme care. Our job is not about taking unnecessary risks and chances, so we make sure that every member of our staff knows how to conduct themselves in a courteous, efficient, and above all medically safe fashion when they are on someone else’s premises. In addition, since we are a one stop Ann Arbor handyman company, we typically assign the same set of experts to your job from start to finish. You are not going to see vast legions of people you have never met before tramping around inside your house. The guys who do the job for you are going to be the same ones you met at the outset of the project, and they will be the same ones you’ll shake hands with when we are finished.
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We were raised on the philosophy that a job isn’t worth doing unless it’s going to be done right.


While we understand that people have budgetary constraints which they have to work within, we try to point out the best way of doing things that will still meet those affordability targets. No matter how low the price is, you pay too much if it all has to be redone in six months.

Let’s get in there, get it fixed properly, and then you can stop worrying about ever needing to do it again. Quality is never a money-losing proposition. In an increasingly uncertain world, we would like to be something solid you can rely on. We want you to have one business card in the drawer for all your Ann Arbor handyman needs.


Your need for professional help is not always something that can be planned for in advance. Pipes can break in the middle of the night. Rotten old windows can fall out of their sashes when the wind kicks up during a blizzard. Electrical outlets can pop right in the middle of your entertainment plans. Your garage door can go on strike right when you have a fortune in antiques piled up inside. The list of emergencies we have been called out on is almost unbelievable. The point, however, is that we do answer the phone even if it is in the middle of the night. As the handyman Ann Arbor MI vicinity residents can count on, this means that they have to be able to count on us all the time, not just when the sun shines and the snow melts.
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We know how to get the job done and not make a mess even if nobody is home.


We have many customers who have used our services for years. They often find it convenient to schedule major repairs and renovations at times when they will be elsewhere, such as on vacation or away on business. It is often more convenient for both parties since the homeowner does not need to stay pinned in place, and our employees don’t have to work around all of the other things going on in a normal home setting.

It is always a thrill when people come back to find their premises have been radically altered for the better. Since they were not witness to the intermediate steps necessary to upgrade their house, it is something similar to a magic trick or one of those TV shows where people return from Disneyland to find an entirely new home waiting for them. Now we probably can’t build you an entirely new house in a week but, as a skilled carpenter Ann Arbor gladly gives its business to, we can get a great deal accomplished in that time frame.

We know how to get the job done and not make a mess even if nobody is home.


As mentioned above, we recognize that it is an important part of our job to work around you and not make you work around us. No matter how this can be accomplished, we are ready, willing, and able to do whatever it takes to get the job done as quickly and painlessly as possible. Some jobs absolutely require daytime in order for them to be done properly. Others can be done any time, day or night.

We aren’t going to tell you that your half-finished project will have to wait until we get back from out three-day weekend. When we work out a schedule with you, it’s not intended as a general guide or as a way of reeling you in. If we say we’ll be there, we will be there. If we say we will be done by such-and-such a date and time, we will be finished. We like all of our customers, but we are not planning on being in their lives for months on end or showing up for an hour one or two days a week. 

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Any company that has nothing to do all day long is probably not the one you want to hire.


Like you, we are busy people who need to get each and every project wrapped up so we can move on to the next one. Any Ann Arbor handyman who is worth his salt has a very full schedule and simply cannot drag things out, nor would you want us to.

They might be just starting out in the business and haven’t built up a list of satisfied customers that provide plenty of repeat business and referrals. They could also be a company where word has gotten around that they are too expensive, didn’t do a good job, or simply weren’t nice people to have in your home. In short, you may not want to take a chance on somebody who isn’t already busy.

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When people call us here at My Handyman Ann Arbor homeowners often begin the conversation with the words: “Can you…?” The answer is yes, we can do that. Or, if we can’t, we will admit it and not take your money under false pretenses. Regardless, we can either do the job or recommend someone we would trust to do that sort of work for us if we needed it. On the next page is a description of some of the more popular handyman services Ann Arbor residents are most likely to request our assistance with.

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